Mark Dohnalek, President & CEO of Pivot International, leads the global core business and acquisitions in the US, UK and Asia utilizing his experience of over 30 years in manufacturing, product development and business management. His broad spectrum of experiences in manufacturing, engineering, biometric, security, industrial consumer, and medical product solutions have enabled him to grow the company and expand in European and Asian markets.

Mark Dohnalek is an authority in manufacturing, product development, and the global logistics supply chain. He has published op-eds and bylines and is regularly interviewed on industry topics and trends. Dohnalek’s views and predictions on the growth and direction of manufacturing are eagerly anticipated as he brings decades of perspective to his visionary ideas. A contributor and supporter of important entrepreneur initiatives, Pivot International will again sponsor Make48, the inventor forum, with Mark Dohnalek serving as an executive judge.

Mark Dohnalek is available to present at industry events as a speaker or panelist.

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